The Best Coffee In Richmond: Early Bird Biscuit Company

From an old-timey counter service storefront in the heart of The Fan, Early Bird Biscuit Co isn’t messing around. Coffee-wise, they’re one of many local establishments that brew Blanchards (See Nate’s Bagels for other highlights), and they offer a full range of wildly affordable espresso drinks – but it’s not the coffee that makes them special. That would – somewhat unsurprisingly – be their biscuits.

sausage egg and cheese biscuit

The first thing you need to know about a visit to Early Bird is that you should go hungry and expect to leave stuffed. In an effort to be health conscious while reviewing an establishment that I would assume goes through 12 thousand pounds of butter weekly, I had a banana before heading over. Now, despite my best efforts, there is still half a sausage egg and cheese biscuit burning a hole in my fridge – and trust me when I tell you I really did want to eat the whole thing.

The biscuit toppings are incredibly varied – ranging from just butter to full sandwihches, with a menu switchover at 11 that includes fun lunch options and a biscuit of the day that changes every day. They also offer non-biscuit baked goods – Friday’s was a delicious-looking old-fashioned donut that I did not eat on account of my Olympic weightlifter in a bulk stretch-sized breakfast biscuit – but they’re definitely worth checking out.

The biscuits themselves are exactly what you’d hope – they’re flakey, moist, and crumbly in a definitely a fork first bread kind of way, and the whole establishment smells just absolutely fantastic. And like most places in Richmond, the people serving them to you are incredibly welcoming and nice, making the entire atmosphere very welcoming.

There are a few drawbacks – because of Covid they’re limited to four outdoor seats along a busier than hoped for road across from a hospital, so I brought my biscuit home for maximum enjoyment. I wasn’t totally in love with the sausage on my biscuit. It tasted alright, but the texture was a little stringy which I did not enjoy. Next time I’ll be having ham for sure.

Also, they don’t have bathrooms, which I personally think should be a legal requirement of any establishment that sells coffee.

I love their logo

Apart from those things, Early Bird is an excellent choice for a breakfast spot – tasty, affordable, and fun to visit – I look forward to my next trip.

Early Bird Biscuit Co – 4 Stars


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