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I’ve reported on stories in print, radio, and video, covering a variety of content by traversing a considerable amount of space. From interviewing opioid addiction specialists with the National Association on Mental Illness in Cleveland to sustainable food practices in Turin, Italy, my stories show my commitment to dogged, thoughtful, and impactful reporting.


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Hey Kai Ryssdal! Why Don’t I Have A Job?

I have great friends and a fantastic relationship with my family. I talk with these people all the time. But if there’s one additional guiding voice in my day-to-day, it’s that of Kai Ryssdal, host of American Public Media’s (not NPR!) Marketplace and co-host of my favorite podcast, Make Me Smart. I listen to Kai…

The Best Coffee In Richmond: Early Bird Biscuit Company

From an old-timey counter service storefront in the heart of The Fan, Early Bird Biscuit Co isn’t messing around. Coffee-wise, they’re one of many local establishments that brew Blanchards (See Nate’s Bagels for other highlights), and they offer a full range of wildly affordable espresso drinks – but it’s not the coffee that makes them…

The Best Coffee in Richmond: Idle Hands

Is it wrong to write an entire restaurant review around the quality of the dogs that stop by while you’re enjoying a flakey sourdough pastry? Most places, the answer would be yes. But there’s something about the block of Strawberry Street where Idle Hands is located that seems to bring out the best in both…

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