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I’ve reported on stories in print, radio, and video, covering a variety of content by traversing a considerable amount of space. From interviewing opioid addiction specialists with the National Association on Mental Illness in Cleveland to sustainable food practices in Turin, Italy, my stories show my commitment to dogged, thoughtful, and impactful reporting.


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No more beer, but lots more masks – the Washington State Ferries during Covid-19

One of the most unique features of the highway system here in the Washington is the ferry system. With over 24 million annual passengers, the system is the largest of its kind in the United States – and it’s not a luxury service. The ferries connect several different areas across the Puget Sound, and, soContinue reading “No more beer, but lots more masks – the Washington State Ferries during Covid-19”

Uncertainty surrounding CHAZ forces Community Lunch to leave

Seattle, Wa. Community Lunch on Capitol Hill is an institution. The organization, which runs a program dedicated to providing meals to anyone in need, has been helping those experiencing homelessness or food insecurity since it first opened its doors in 1985. Until this week Community Lunch had been operating out of the Central Lutheran ChurchContinue reading “Uncertainty surrounding CHAZ forces Community Lunch to leave”

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